FORONTO African Hot Pepper Sauce is bursting with flavor! Made primarily with the scotch bonnet pepper found in West Africa, this unique hot pepper sauce contains quality ingredients and adds spice and a “taste of Africa” to any meal. Use on meat, veggies, eggs, soup, sandwiches, pasta, in sauces, dressings, or to simply add excitement and enhance your favorite dishes. 
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foronto-pima-logo-tagPeanut Pima African Hot Pepper Peanut Sauce adds a spicy and savory “taste of Africa” to your favorite dish! Made with quality ingredients, use Peanut Pima on meat, fish, veggies, eggs, soup, sandwiches, pasta, and in sauces.

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    Purchase any Chez Diarra product in June and get FREE shipping! Don’t let grilling season go by without a jar of Foronto or Peanut Pima hot pepper sauces! Purchase before June 31st to get FREE shipping within U.S. and stock up in time for July 4th and all your needs this grilling season! Get yours today and bring a “taste of Africa” to all of your meals and barbeques!

  • Chez Diarra African Hot Pepper Sauces Are Now Served at BLVD BISTRO !


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